The Obsolete

We’re preparing to co-create the LLEAD virtual learning environment. Taking the advice of Priya Parker (Art of Gathering) we’ll show each other a physical item in our working space that’s meaningful. For me it is a small poster of “the alphabet of the obsolete” I got in 2014 from https://www.globalnerdy.com/ by Joey DeVilla. I look at it all the time and think, “what’s disappearing that libraries – that leaders – that organizations – need to think about?”

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Big Picture: Messages & Influence

This article really resonated with me, Why Leaders Need to Broaden Their World View. Rebecca and I have talked about the seeing the big picture for years. This article referred to several new books and provides great tips for better listening! I have borrowed liberally to share! We definitely need diversity of thinking on all our teams these days.

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