Web 2.0, the CIA & Knowledge Sharing

lgo_intergovworldcom.jpgCheck out this interesting article on “how Web 2.0 technologies, agile project management and strong IT governance are enabling the CIA to share more information inside the enigmatic, controversial agency and collaborate more effectively with its 15 intelligence agency peers.”  For example the CIO of the CIA (don’t you love the nice ring of all those initials?), Al Tarasiuk, talked about “more efficient and effective information sharing by using Web 2.0 technologies, such as the CIA’s Wikipedia-like Intellipedia that’s used across the U.S. intelligence community.”   “The current director [of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) established in 2004], J.M. “Mike” McConnell, is taking great pains to replace the “Need to know” culture with “Responsibility to provide” among the organizations. (The shift is significant because it replaces knowledge hoarding with knowledge sharing.)”   “What’s happening at the CIA is really representative of what’s happening governmentwide, where you have a number of agencies with antiquated systems, and the challenges in front of them and the opportunities we have are requiring a lot more flexibility, speed and agility,” says Lena Trudeau, a program director at the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), an independent Washington, D.C., government advisory group. Trudeau studies how collaborative technologies can help solve the U.S. government’s complex problems, which “require [the government] to act in a different way than a lot of these legacy systems and processes allow.”

Web 2.0 & Societal Changes, Take Two

Ok, I started the last post because Beth Unger tells me she is working on the following question —

“What are the societal changes that could occur as a result of the technologies like Web 2.0 that will blur our current views of interaction?” As she says, the issues of personal attribution, contribution, identity and responsibility all come to the fore. She is interested in who is working in this arena and what they’re saying. I thought I’d throw it out and get a discussion going. I forgot to include that part in my last post because she is such an awesome lady I got carried away talking about her! At any rate, let’s talk about web 2.0 and societal change. Thanks!