Just Say “Yes”: Thx Lora Baiocco!


Lora Baiocco, Online Services and Archives librarian at the Westmount Public Library in Westmount, Quebec talked with me at OLA 2011 Superconference about our common interest in getting some of our professional colleagues to recognize that “critical thinking” isn’t about “being critical” — it’s about seeing possibilities, recognizing our built-in biases, replacing “but” with “and”, AND, as Lora told me — just saying YES, through a technique she learned from Bugs Bunny. Talk about “seeing possibilities” — that was Bugs, right?

Ok, so Lora didn’t learn the technique from Bugs; she learned it from his creator, Chuck Jones, in his autobiography, Chuck Amuck

Thanks, Lora, for letting me re-post your insights & instructions (we all need instructions to apply the insights, at least the first time round!)

Creating Bugs….

…Because this was not a brainstorming session in the usual sense, it was a “yes” session, not an “anything goes” session. Anything went, but only if it was positive, supportive, and affirmative to the premise. No negatives were allowed…. The “yes” session imposes only one discipline: the abolition of the word “no”. …if you find you cannot contribute, then silence is proper, but it is surprising how meaty a little old stringy “yes” (which is another name for a premise) can become in as little as fifteen or twenty minutes, when everyone present unreservedly commits his immediate impulsive and positive response to it…A good premise always generates the most astonishing results. Jones, Chuck. Chuck Amuck: The life and times of an

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