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Tag: Patricia Martin

Pat Martin: Consumers & Generations

I had a great conversation this morning with Pat Martin of Litlamp Communications and author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer & What it Means to Your Business. Pat is an expert marketer, strategist, and a wonderful speaker. She is the opening keynote speaker at Internet Librarian 2010 next month, Monday October 25th, in Monterey CA.

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Adding Value @ Internet Librarian 2010, Oct 25-7

I am very excited about the upcoming Internet Librarian 2010 in Monterey CA next month. This post looks at the first events of the conference — Saturday morning’s free Library Camp Monterey, Saturday afternoon and Sunday workshops, Sunday evening networking and welcome party — Games & Gadgets Petting Zoo, and Monday’s main conference kick off! There will be more posts more posts here and at the conference blog about specific session themes and speakers, our Tuesday night session, Rip Van Winkles’s Libraries in 2510 (and if you haven’t entered the video/podcast contest, please do), and our first virtual conference, Mobile Monday Online.

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