Women & Technology

After spending many years in the information industry with a focus on information technology and information management, I’m wondering if these areas are as cyclical as the real estate biz.  In the early 90s when I was involved in Mecklermedia’s Internet World events, I was one of a small number of women which mushroomed very quickly along with a number of associations and career paths.  I attended the FASTForward ’09 conference last month and looked around at the very few women in the audience.  Very disappointing.  I’m hoping that we can encourage more young women to find rewarding careers in the information technology and computing world. I’m really pleased that my daughter is one of them!

I am focusing on a woman of influence in the information technology world for Ada Lovelace Day that I met a few years agoAda Lovelace was an intersting lady.  And so is Beth Unger, Vice Provost for Academic Services and Technology and Dean of Continuing Education, Professor of Computing and Information Sciences, Kansas State University. Beth is a technology pioneer who influenced computing at Michigan State University and spoke at their 50th anniversary of computing. In fact, Beth is a mathematician and a computer scientist and as a young woman from 1959-1961 she worked with IBM on such projects as the first automation of the assembly line of Oldsmobile, resulting in a custom-built car every 13 seconds. She has been honoured for leadership in distance learning and instructional technology. One awesome lady!

There are so many cool ladies in this biz; maybe I’ll have a chance to write about more of them — Gerri Sinclair, danah boyd, Liz Lawley ….