Looking Forward to 2018


Wishing everyone the best in this holiday season as well as a happy and healthy 2018!!

I am into planning for 2018, yes that’s what I do, plan. I plan conferences:

* Computers in Libraries, April 17-19 (Registration open, full program online next week)

*Library Leaders Summit, April 17-18 (Registration open, full program online next week)

*University of Toronto iSchool Symposium, May 3-4 (working on topics & programs for these!)

*University of Toronto iSchool Symposium, July 19-20

*University of Toronto iSchool Symposium, Oct 1-2

*Internet Librarian, October (working on theme & call for speakers live online in January)

*KMworld, November 4-7 (working on theme & call for speakers live online in January)

* AND there may be a new event in the line-up, so stay tuned!

* AND there may be some direction planning with other organizations to help them focus on and create their futures!

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season!


Knowledge Sharing & Learning


John Seely Brown, Opening KMWorld keynote

Knowledge Sharing & Learning: Communication, Collaboration & Innovation is the theme for KMWorld 2012 in Washington DC, Oct 16-19. This year’s event starts with keynote, John Seely Brown, Chief of Confusion (isn’t that a great title?), Visiting Scholar at USC, Independent Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge & author of the new book, A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change.

There are lots of authors participating in this years KMWorld and you will be able to interact with them in our new BA & Bookstore where speakers, authors, colleagues and conference participants can converse. We hope to have lots of books about KM available for purchase and for signing. Stay tuned for more on that topic.

Future posts will focus on other topics and speakers at KMworld and the other events encompassed including includes Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search Summit, and SharePoint Symposium as well as a full day of intensive workshops. For a real deal, sign up for all these components and get the synergy of the programming!

Knowledge, KM & Success


Knowledge, creating it and sharing, it is at the core of what I have been involved in throughout my career — in libraries, in corporations, at conferences, on the web, with friends and colleagues. I like the post this morning from Nina Platt, which included the following:

Those of us working in knowledge management (KM) have long said that we need KM more in troubled economic times than any other time. Why? Because using KM as a strategy for getting or staying ahead of competitors makes sense. KM can drive consistency, consistency drives quality, and quality work brings in repeat customers. While this is true, why did we see so many layoffs of KM staff as the economy turned south? Apparently, hiring KM staff picking up again or it may be that it is being outsourced? As a KM consultant, Nick Milton reports that his business is growing. Read more in If knowledge management is dead, why does it have such a strong pulse?

I am very excited about KMWorld 2012, October 16-19 in DC which will include Taxonomy Boot Camp (Oct 16-17), Enterprise Search Summit (Oct 17-19), and SharePoint Symposium (oct 18-19). The call for speakers for KMWorld 2012 is online and I hope you will consider sharing your experiences and knowledge with your colleagues at this key event for those in the KM field. The theme of this year’s event is Knowledge Sharing & Learning: Communication, Collaboration & Innovation . I’ll be sharing more information about new

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KM Today launches!


Jane & I are using the wonders of to pull together the many tweets and Facebook posts on knowledge management in . There’s so much to follow – and follow-up on, so since we’re pulling it together for our own sanity, maybe we can help you save your sanity too.

It launched today, and is available here, as well (see the left column — and thanks to JD who keeps teaching me about widgets & WordPress! I love this stuff!)

Taxonomy Boot Camp Nov 15-16, 2010 in Wash DC


Information Today has redesigned its Taxonomy Boot Camp site, and networked with LinkedIn. This boutique conference holds its own in this economy as it brings together those working on taxonomies, metadata, repositories and any way to harness and organize information. They come from libraries, corporate environments, government departments and professional services to gather in Washington, DC this year November 15-16 —- cleverly co-located with KMWorld, Enterprise Search Summit and SharePoint Symposium.