What does KM mean to you?


I’m a librarian by training and I’ve been in the “KM” business since 2000. Since that time I’ve been building a worldwide network of KM professionals, colleagues in all types of industries, communities and organizations. I have had many conversations using many different channels to find out what people are doing in their KM work so that I can profile them and have them as speakers for the KMWorld conference which I have programmed and chaired annually in the US since 2000.

I look at KM in the broadest possible way, basically to mean knowledge sharing, an activity that librarians, archivists, curators of museums and galleries, and lots of others have been doing for many many years. Towards the end of the last century ‘knowledge management’ was being used to refer to a number of processes and activities within organizations. The words “knowledge management” have gone in and out of fashion over the last 20+ years but I still believe that knowledge sharing needs to be a core activity of all organizations and communities. Think of volunteer organizations like associations where people are being elected and appointed regularly; how do they pass along the knowledge they gain while doing the activities and responsibilities assigned to them? Or in corporations or libraries where people are retiring and newbies are being hired out of university and on-boarded. How do they learn and get up to speed so they can excel in their job and the organization as a whole can thrive?


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KMWorld 2017 -- Free Resources


KMWorld 2017 was held last month in Washington to a large & engaged audience! The buzz around our theme: People Power, Thinking & Tech, and multiple events was phenomenal, in my opinion (and others too I think!). Here’s the sneak peek of the conference that I wrote prior to the event to highlight some of the program.

The KMWorld is the largest and longest running KM event in the world; the 2017 annual conference has wrapped up in Washington DC. If you were not able to attend the event, or just want to refresh what you heard, the keynotes are available in video including John Seely Brown, Tom Stewart, Stan Garfield & Jeanne Holm, Many of the Powerpoint presentations from other KMW speakers are available too. KMWorld is made up of complimentary events too:

Taxonomy Boot Camp (videos; presentations)

Enterprise Search & Discovery (presentations)

SharePoint Symposium (videos ; presentations)

Text Analytics Forum (presentations)

KMWorld also publishes a magazine (Past issues online) and the website has lots of additional resources that KM’ers members might enjoy!


KMWorld 2012 is Buzzing!


Thanks to PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest for pulling together lots of posts from the KMWorld 2012 conference currently exciting the audience in DC! Just met this blogger this morning and she is amazing! Here’s my repost of Jeffrey Brandt‘s post:

Mary Abraham is attending the KMWorld 2012 Conference. I am not sure how many others from legal are there, but I would encourage us all to seek enlightenment from outside our own echo chamber. I was eagerly following her live tweets yesterday (using both the official #kmworld and unofficial #kmw12 hashtags). She’s been a busy lady, as you can tell from the seven highlights I’ve got below. I’d suggest maybe Mary needs an intervention of some sort… but let’s wait until *after* the conference. Read more at Above and Beyond KM: From Intranets to the Digital Workplace #KMWorld Flow Systems and #KM #KMWorld Dave Snowden:Finding New Solutions to Wicked Problems #KMWorld Dave Pollard: Conversations that Don’t Suck #kmw12 #KMWorld Are Intranets Social? #KMWorld #KMW12 Lt Col David Sanchez Keynote:Aligning Corporate Information Governance and Content#KMWorld John Seely Brown: The Entrepreneurial Learner #KMWorld

KM Today launches!


Jane & I are using the wonders of to pull together the many tweets and Facebook posts on knowledge management in . There’s so much to follow – and follow-up on, so since we’re pulling it together for our own sanity, maybe we can help you save your sanity too.

It launched today, and is available here, as well (see the left column — and thanks to JD who keeps teaching me about widgets & WordPress! I love this stuff!)

Snowden: Putting it All Together


Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge, started with, “System design is not a linear process” and today requires a co-evolutionary approach.

Key concepts: everything is fragmented, pattern based decisions (associated with the concept of mess), complexity & constraint, distributed cognition (from fail safe to safe fail experimentaiton), natural numbers (5, 15, 150) (some of which Dave covered in last year’s keynote, it’s podcast is available.)

Existing methods: narrative based requirements, cross silo self-forming teams, managing emergence

Emergent methods: crews, coherence mapping

Project design — Cynefin, see Harvard Business Review article Nov 07 (which won an Academy of Management’s Award for the best article by practitioners — and article which Dave wrote with Mary Boone)

Dave recorded his talk today and will post a podcast on his site.