Influencing Advice from Effective Influencers


This is the best collective advice I’ve seen regarding relationship building with influencers and with customers. Yes, these are different individuals – different audiences. But there is advice in this infographic for both. This is particularly useful because those advising are viewing influencers through the lens of experiences and content — quite apt for libraries.

Ken Haycock and Wendy Newman, both of whom have taught hundreds of librarians about advocacy and influencing will be delighted, I’m sure, to see many of these quotes, such as Lee Odden’s “Grow your influencer network long before you need them. The day to create an army of influencer advocates isn’t the first day of the war. Find common interests and develop rapport.”

And Moe Hosseini-Ara? Here’s a great quote for our course at #clavic14 on Wed May 28th from Joe Pulizzi, “Have an influencer strategy. I would say 99% of businesses (or libraries) say that they want to partner with influencers actually have no strategy. Start with why you are engaging with influencers. What is it going to do for the business? (library?)”

Tools for Measuring, Influencing & Planning


If you are in Victoria, BC on Wednesday May 28th, Moe Hosseini-Ara and I will be working with a group to use practical tools for measuring, influencing key stakeholders and for long-term or strategic planning. This is a pre-conference workshop for the CLA and BCLA conference – and registration includes breaks and lunch! It is always such a fulfilling experience to work with Moe. He is on secondment from his job as Director, Service Excellence, Markham Public Library and is currently Director of Culture, Culture Services, City of Markham. He brings a stakeholder perspective to the templates and approaches for determining and conveying appropriate strategies and measures. I bring the academic, corporate and government perspective to these approaches and tools. And Moe and I are doubly proud that Ulla de Stricker, who can’t join us because of prior commitments, has sent along her work for us to use with the group. No one influences like Ulla!

To register, contact Wendy Walton at CLA:

Below is one of the templates participants will be working with. Come join us!

Strategy, Influence & Measures: Practical Tools

Information professionals and all those in management roles in libraries use a range of technical tools in their daily activities with our customers. What tools, though, do we use with our stakeholders or decision-makers to move forward progressively – and successfully? This workshop covers the components of four practical, critical tools and invites participants from government, corporate, academic, public and non-profit sectors to discuss: 1.

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Elaina Norlin Influences CIL 2011 Crowd


Elaina Norlin, Executive Director Broward County Library gave a very “persuasive” session on the principles and practicalities of influencing people to move things forward. With her broad range of experiences in the academic (University of Arizona), non- profit and now public environments, Elaina has observed and learned the art of influence from the best: – Robert Cialdini’s Influence – Kurt Mortensen’s Persuasion IQ – Infomercials

Cialdini’s Influence: principles of influencing others: Reciprocity: people are more open to being influenced when they have received something from you (give and take) Social proof: people look for others like themselves to help them make a “buy” or “do” decision Liking: people are influenced by this they like Authority: people are also influenced by those whom they view as authorities Scarcity: and finally, people are influenced to do or buy when they feel the item or action is limited

Persuasion IQ: How’s Your’s? Surprisingly, at least for me, we tend to be persuaded more by those we find predictable than by those we trust. I suppose we could argue that the predictability increases our trust, but, yes, I can see that those we can rely on for consistent follow-through can certainly influence us. We’re also persuaded by those who are optimistic, are “like us” in some way, and who present their desired action or project with an element of emotion.

Not surprisingly, those who have a tendency to be introverted are better persuaders than extroverts. Introverts tend to listen more and better, enabling them

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iSchool Institute: Fall Course Lineup


iSchool Institute: Web & Classroom Courses — new Certificate on Intelligence Analysis; new courses on Human Factors, Wirearchy, etc.

The iSchool Institute at the Faculty is Information (was Professional Learning Centre) is ready for another busy semester ahead. We are now on Twitter – follow us @ischoolinst.We also have a Facebook page – join us there. Watch and listen to our instructors on YouTube or on our new website:

Our fall 2010 courses are now available and registration is open. The following listing includes iSchool Institute courses offered in Toronto in September. For our full offering, online courses and face-to-face courses offered in Ottawa visit our website:

We are pleased to announce that in the fall we will be offering 9 new courses: one new online course (Rebecca Jones will be teaching a 6-weeks online course Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professionals and 8 new face-to-face courses in Toronto – we will circulate a separate listing of all new courses.

In April 2010 the iSchool Institute started its monthly series of free public lectures and specialized workshops with the same invited speaker. We have a full fall schedule available on our website (check our events calendar). The series starts on September 22.

September 2010 courses – Toronto

Information Management Fundamentals

Fri. 10 Sep 2010 OR Fri. 24 Sep 2010 1 Day (6 hours) – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Instructor: Deirdre Grimes Fee: $250.00 Cert: IM or stand-alone

Information Management (IM) is the discipline of

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