The Doubling Digital Universe: Info Profession’s Time to Blossom


If you look on the left side of this post, you’ll see a little a counter incrementing at a rapid rate. IDC is highlighting its latest 2011 Digital Universe Study with the World Information Growth Ticker. Look at those numbers whirling by! That’s a live look at how information doubles every 2 years. Doubles.

And yet the investment in structures, staffing & security isn’t keeping pace. IDC has been studying digital information for years; you can either read the paper or view the videos on the site — pick one & do it. We are in the information profession, and we need to be aware of these considerations for the information sector. Librarians in the public and academic sector take note: this isn’t just about “organizational information” — often seen as the domain of records managers, knowledge managers, CIO’s, IT and information managers. This is about information – and as the lines blur between information containers, publishers, creators, curators, “published” content, “unpublished” content – you name it — the roles, responsibilities and considerations of all those in the information profession also blur – or blossom, depending on your perspective. For Jane & I? It’s a time for the profession to blossom.

Here’s an excerpt from the study’s Call to Action:

“Since 2007, IDC’s Digital Universe Study has highlighted the mismatch between the rapid growth of the digital universe and the very slow growth of staff and investment to manage it. This year, the study highlights an additional issue that

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