OLA Posters: David Lankes' Inspiration


David Lankes gave the Bertha Bassam Lecture last week at University of Toronto’s iSchool. He was, as usual and as expected, fantastic. Outside the event a small group of iSchool students showed their poster inspired by his noteworthy Atlas of New Librarianship. They developed a library-based program for pre-release female inmates to ease their integration back into society through professional and personal development. In essence they wanted to help these women “scape” the atlas of their new lives. Their goal was to create a conversation about the role of librarians in improving society and serving socially-excluded individuals.

OLA Poster: Information Use & Reuse


Community Collaboration with Open Source Web Mapping

Poster developed by: Kim Pham; University of Toronto iSchool

Open-source technologies are creating new avenues for community engagement. Web developer tools are empowering librarians and users alike. This project utilizes open-source GIS and JavaScript libraries to visualize data from the Scarborough Historical Society photo collection in an interactive app. Ongoing developments will invite users to contribute their own stories, comments, and pictures that build community history. The success of this project led to its adoption as a teaching and literacy tool in the Scarborough Archives. Learn the challenges and considerations for integrating open-source tools for service use. Initial project designed for iSchool instructor and map librarian Marcel Fortin.

Checkout the original demo site for more information.