OLA Posters: Evaluating & Measuring


Performance measures – outcomes – impacts – you name it, there is an urgent need for valid ways of identifying if and how library initiatives make a difference in a community, campus or company. 3 posters at the OLA Super Conference addressed evaluation & performance measures:

1. The Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto (HSICT) has created an online toolkit, “Measuring the Value of Health Library Services”:

2. askON compared its virtual reference services evaluative measures with those of other online virtual services – OCUL’s AskALibrarian and BC’s AskAway, presenting both a poster (below) and a presentation (even further below).


Plus, a brief audio overview:

Here’s the link to the presentation:








3. University of Guelph-Humber developed a blended framework to evaluate the effectiveness of their information literacy program.

Three Part Harmony: University of Guelph-Humber Maps Scalable Information Literacy Outcomes



OLA Poster: Pocket Reference: The AskON Text Pilot Program


Poster developed by: Lauren Bourdages and Stacey Nordlund; askON Text Interns

askON, a collaboration of public and college libraries in Ontario, provides a real-time chat information service that offers immediate, interactive, and knowledgeable online research/reference help. From September to December 2013, askON ran a text message-based virtual reference pilot program alongside their regular chat program, with the participation of 14 of their 28 partners (8 college, 6 public). The Pocket Reference poster session presents the past, present, and future of this pilot program, articulating its origins and staffing; analysing the data from the 4 month pilot; and exploring its future.