OLA Poster: Librarians Co-Teaching 1st Yrs


These librarians co-taught 1st year Pharmacy students at U of Waterloo, focusing on drug and medical information and critical thinking (click on the 1st image for a large view; click on the video below for an interview with Shannon and Kate.)

UofRochester's RCL's Re-envisions Services


Thanks to Solomon Blaylock & Kathy Metz of University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries for sharing RCL’s work in re-envisioning & re-engineering their service model and Patron Services. Here’s their presentation given at OLA 2015 SuperconferenceU of Rochester Service Model OLA2015 presentation, including their speaking notes with many details.For more information, including the Patron Services Service Model report, Kathy Metz (kmetz at or Solomon Blaylock (sblaylock at What a phenomenal job RCL has done in understanding student behaviours and designing their services to match these behaviours.

U of Rochester Service Model OLA2015 presentation:


OLA Poster: ORCID: Persistent Digital Identifier


ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that helps researchers and scholars distinguish the research activities from those of others with similar names. The identifier is being integrated into key workflows by funders, research organizations, publishers and others. In this poster by K. Jane Burpee see the multi – faceted value of ORCID and explore 6 ways to help you and your library grow ORCID presence with your campus faculty and graduate researchers.

OLA Poster: U of Guelph – Embed with Art


How do you increase visibility of the library’s art collection and also promote campus art as a learning experience? This poster showcased a collaborative project with campus partners that utilized tools and techniques to embed the library’s art collection into the curriculum, develop students’s visual literacy skills, and add a rich context by highlighting the special collection with the digital archive and exhibit. Thanks to K.Jane Burpee, Judy Wanner, and Linda Graburn from University of Guelph.

CLA Poster: Getting the Right Results with Social Media


Here’s another poster from the CLA 2014 Conference in Victoria, BC:

Getting the Right Results with Social Media

Poster developed by: Jessica Woolman; University of British Columbia Library Communications and Marketing

This exploratory study looks at academic libraries in Canada and the US who are using social media. It aims to develop a benchmark for libraries to follow in terms of performance. The data compiled shows unique differences in how Canadian libraries use social media compared to libraries in the US.

CLA Poster: TRU Reads: Popular Reading in the Academic Library


TRU Reads: Popular Reading in the Academic Library

Poster developed by: Wendy Lehar; Thompson Rivers University

Many university students are faced with a crushing load of course readings- so where does that leave reading for pleasure? Thompson Rivers University has embraced the idea that leisure based reading contributes to large scale information literacy, and promotes lifelong learning. This year the library launched “TRU Reads”, a new popular reading collection located in the House of Learning Library. The main purpose of this collection is to enhance student access to leisure reading materials, where previously they were largely concealed amongst the sprawling stacks of the academic library. Previous studies suggest a correlation between leisure reading and academic success; through this initiative, TRU Library intends to contribute to our students’ success and well-being in a new way.

CLA Poster: Culling the Herd in Hard Times


Culling the Herd in Hard Times: Implementing an Evidence-Based “Big Deal” Cancellation Support Tool at Vancouver Island University

Poster developed by: Jean Blackburn, Dana McFarland and Kathleen Reed, Vancouver Island University

Consequent to a series of tightening post-secondary budgets in British Columbia, Vancouver Island University librarians recognized the need for an evidence-based tool to support decision-making regarding cancellation of major package deals and resources. Librarians must be able to decide with confidence and to justify our decisions to renew or cut resources to ourselves and the wider institutional community. To assist in this process, VIU librarians recently designed and implemented a collections rubric that examines factors beyond traditional usage metrics and price. Previous to the implementation of the rubric, collections decisions were based on commonly-used, generic factors and were not formally situated in a broader information context. This made it difficult for librarians to get a holistic picture of collection development and to make thoroughly informed, well-documented decisions regarding specific resources and their relation to greater objectives.




Better Together @ UofToronto Scarborough Campus Library


Even though OLA Super Conference 2014 is behind us, I wanted to highlight an excellent showcase of teamwork and bridging communication silos: “Better Together: Empowering Library Staff through Mentoring and Collaboration” from Sarah Forbes, Liaison Librarian, Physical and Environmental Sciences and Sue Reynolds, Reference Assistant; U of T Scarborough. A PDF of their presentation is here: OLA SC Session 612- Better Together

Here are my notes:

The issue

Liaison Librarian model in place since 2011, where librarians have more instructional duties and are not on the reference desk. Technicians have solo desk shifts, with 5 people covering the desk between 9am and 9pm. 2 new positions were created to aid this. Each technician has about 3 hours on desk with the rest completing other duties off desk. Resulted in communication silos: Librarians were on-call and not always available; Technicians new to reference at U of T were providing conflicting information to students for recurring projects and other issues; and the reference coordinator librarian overseeing the function also had liaison librarian duties.

Searching for a solution

Having a binder of information, assignments, and recurring issues was tried at the desk, but it didn’t really work as it was incomplete and adhoc. Staff tried to email tips for different questions with attempts to answer, but stopping a reference interview to check email proved difficult. Using the Blackboard program for course management was tried, but didn’t catch on.

Strategic Plan Process

Technicians provided input into the strategic plan. An exercise with

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OLA Poster: Something Old, Something New


Creating a Librarian Mentorship Program

Poster developed by: Whitney Kemble and Sarah Fedko; University of Toronto Scarborough Library

During the 2013/14 academic year, librarians at University of Toronto Scarborough are piloting a mentorship program for liaison librarians. Experienced librarians are paired with newer librarians to provide advice and support for liaison librarianship. Our poster will include an overview of current best practices in mentorship, as well as a description of our mentorship program. We will also discuss feedback that we have received from program participants, and future plans to ensure the effectiveness of this program as a professional development opportunity for new librarians.

OLA Poster: Level Up! Designing a Gaming Lab at Carleton University Library


Poster developed by: Emma Cross and Robert Smith; Carleton University Library

In November 2013 Carleton University Library unveils an extensively renovated building including a new Library gaming lab, part of a digital Discovery Centre. Carleton University is now the only academic library in Ontario with a collection of over 450 video games and a uniquely equipped gaming lab. This poster will discuss planning a Library gaming lab, illustrate the equipment and services needed by faculty and students and analyze how this innovative Library service is integral in supporting courses in Information Technology, Computer Science, Digital Humanities and other courses across campus.