Technology is an enabler – or a driver?

Evaluating Library & Research Services: Meaningful Measures @ #IFLAPARL2014 by Jane Dysart

Reframing Opportunities for Library Metrics – Rebecca Jones & Joe Matthews

Designing New Metrics for Libraries, 2014 @ the iSchool, University of Toronto

Halinet 2013 – Rebecca Jones

Core Capabilities: Public Libraries’ Staff Know-How, Know-That & Know-Who

Core Capabilities for Public Library Staff

Ontario Public Libraries Marketing Think Tank 2013

Joint Spring Conference 2013 (Kentucky) – Juanita Richardson

The Art and Science of Win Win Negotiation for Effective Communication

Art Science of Win Win Negotiating for Effective Communication_Page_01













SLA 2012
Transitioning to Leadership & Management (or any new position) – Rebecca Jones

CLA 2012

 Strategic Planning: Keep it From Failing –  Rebecca Jones & Jim Morgenstern of dmA Planning & Management Services









COLAL Toronto 2011

Top Ten Reasons Information Professionals Succeed


SLA 2011 Annual Conference – Philadelphia

Thinking Strategically & Critically Seeing Possibilities – a course; pdf includes the worksheets


CIL 2011

Thinking Strategically & Critically: Seeing Possibilities by Rebecca Jones

Performance Measures: Illustrating Value to Your Community by Rebecca Jones

OLA Superconference 2011

Innovative Approaches in Library Service Delivery


Internet Librarian 2010

Shifting organizations by Jeff Treziak, McMaster University and Rebecca Jones

Getting to Yes with Decision-Makers by Frank Cervone, Purdue University Calumet and Rebecca Jones

IFLA 2010

IFLA 2010 Selected Sessions

Global Online Learning Resources by Frank Cervone & Jane Dysart

E-system for delivering San Jose Distance Learning Programme by Cindy Hill

Computers in Libraries 2010

Persuasion, Influence and Innovative Ideasby Rebecca Jones

Critical Thinking: Getting to the Right Decision – by Rebecca Jones and Deb Wallace

SirsiDynix Institute March 2010

Focus Groups: Perceptions for Planningby Rebecca Jones

Caslis March 2010

Meaningful Measures: Why Size (& Volume) Don’t Matter – by Rebecca Jones

Meaningful Measures: A Template for Working Through the Process in Your Organization

OLA Superconference 2010

Service Lifecycle Management: Pruning Makes Way for New Servicesby Rebecca Jones

Service Lifecycle Management Workbook & Templatesby Rebecca Jones

Digital Strategies with Amanda Etches-Johnson & Daniel Leeby Rebecca Jones

Conflict Management & Reaching Consensus for OLBAby Rebecca Jones


Leadership Renewal: Influence & PersuasionRebecca Jones, Jane Dysart with Ken Haycock

Internet Librarian 2009

Persuasion & Influence to Move Forward Innovative Ideas by Rebecca Jones

IFLA 2009

Library & Research Services for Parliaments: Cool Toolsby Jane Dysart

SLA 2009

Critical Thinking by Rebecca Jones, Mary Lee Kennedy & Deb Wallace of Harvard Business School

THLA 2009

Focus: Urgent or Important? by Jane Dysart


Meaningful Measures: Why Size Doesn’t Matter! – by Rebecca Jones

Performance Measures Worksheets To Guide Your Conversations – by Rebecca Jones


CIL 2009

Organization 2.0 – a cybertour of good sites to monitor – by Rebecca Jones

OLA Superconference 2009

OLA 2009 Succession Management Worksheets – by Rebecca Jones

OLA 2009 Succession Management: Strategic and Practical – by Rebecca Jones

OLA 2009 Building a Learning Community – by Jane Dysart

SLA 2008 Seattle

Building Bridges, Creating Partnerships – by Rebecca Jones

From Planning to Implementation – by Rebecca Jones and graciously presented by Jane Dysart

OLS-North Conference, May 2008, Sudbury

Learning – by Jane Dysart

Ontario Library Association Superconference 2008


Learning 2.0, Jane Dysart with Stephen Abram — by Jane Dysart

Influencing Without Authority – by Rebecca Jones

CASLIS: Value of Special Libraries Special Conference, Ottawa, 2008

Meaningful Measures: Defining and Pursuing Measures that Matter – by Rebecca Jones

Internet Librarian 2007

Organization 2.0: Organizing People to Work in the 2.0 World by Rebecca Jones

Netspeed 2007, Calgary, Alberta

YouTube & Libraries


— by Jane Dysart

IFLA 2007, Durban, South Africa

Improving the User Experience: Tips &Strategies for Success [Update]

— by Jane Dysart

Canadian Library Association Conference, May 2007

Power Politics — by Jane Dysart & Ingrid Langhammer

Building Capacity for Learning — by Jane Dysart & Stephen Abram

Competencies & Info Pros — by Jane Dysart

Career Strategies for Special Librarians — by Jane Dysart

Québec Library Association – L’Association des bibliothécaires du Québec


Meaningful Measures: Defining & Pursuing Meaningful Measures — by Rebecca Jones

Computers in Libraries 2007


Organization 2.0 — by Rebecca Jones

Computers in Libraries 2007


Accelerated Planning: Not an Oxymoron — by Rebecca Jones

Toronto Area Law Librarians (TALL) 2006

CSI: Competencies, Skills & Insights for the Information Professional



by Rebecca Jones

IFLA 2006, Seoul, Korea


Improving the User Experience: Tips &Strategies for Success — by Jane Dysart

Improving the User Experience: Tips &Strategies for Success [Update]

— by Jane Dysart

Joint Spring Workshop, DC, April 25, 2006 (DCSLA, DCLA, LLS of DC, FLICC)

Competencies & the Information Professional — by Jane Dysart

Ontario Library Association, Feb 2 – 4, 2006, Toronto

Building Castles in Your Mind: Creative Planning for the Future — by Jane Dysart


Accelerated Planning — by Rebecca Jones

Information Highways, April 5, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Information Professionals Succeed: Business Practices for Fuiling the Fire — by Rebecca Jones

SLA, Boston Chapter, March 23, 2005

Top Ten Reasons Libraries Fail — by Jane Dysart

Ontario Library Association, Feb 3 – 5 2005, Toronto

Top Ten Reasons Libraries Fail — by Jane Dysart

Planning: Lessons from the Trenches with Yvonne Attard, Lynne Bentley, Marjorie Whalen — by Rebecca Jones

Barcoding Our Clients — by Rebecca Jones