Our presentations, like all of our services, are tailored to suit their needs. Have a look at what we’ve done recently for clients and at conferences.

What Libraries Can Stop Doing – Rebecca Jones @ Internet Librarian 2018

Technology: Enabler or Driver? – Rebecca Jones @ UX, Design & Customer Engagement; iSchool, University of Toronto, 2015

Evaluating Library & Research Services: Meaningful Measures
@ #IFLAPARL2014 by Jane Dysart

Reframing Opportunities for Library Metrics – Rebecca Jones & Joe Matthews

Meaningful Measures: Why Size (& Volume) Doesn’t Matter – Rebecca Jones

Non-Profit Boards: Smart, Effective, Fulfilling – Rebecca Jones

Core Capabilities: Public Libraries’ Staff Know-How, Know-That & Know-Who
Halinet 2013 – Rebecca Jones

Municipal Engagement – Rebecca Jones at 
Ontario Public Libraries Marketing Think Tank 2013

Joint Spring Conference 2013 (Kentucky) – Juanita Richardson

SLA 2012: Transitioning to Leadership & Management
(or any new position) – Rebecca Jones

CLA 2012: Strategic Planning: Keep it From Failing Rebecca Jones &
Jim Morgenstern of dmA Planning & Management Services (PDF)

COLAL 2011: Top Ten Reasons Information Professionals Succeed

SLA 2011 Annual Conference: Philadelphia Thinking Strategically & Critically Seeing Possibilities