Computers in Libraries 2017: Sneak Peek!


As program director for Computers in Libraries 2017, March 28-30 in DC, I have delivered the program to Information Today, the producer of the conference. The program with sessions and workshops should be online in a few weeks and you should receive your snail mail copy after that! In the meantime, our theme is Upping Our Game: Taking Libraries to New Heights with Technology and here’s a few early highlights to peak your interest:

new full day Searchers Academy workshop on Mon Mar 27 with many other half day workshops on change management, grant seeking, outcome measures, putting a press room on your website, hands-on video lessons, makerspaces, library tech update, engaging teens, Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and apps, innovation, fundraising, monitoring tools & dashboards, tech trends, UX, security, and more! popular Games & Gadgets networking & fun evening on Mon Mar 27 Opening keynote speaker Gina Milsap, CEO, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Library Journal Library of the Year in 2016 on Tues Mar 28 New full day streams/tracks of sessions on funding strategies & practices as well as upping our marketing game a talk about winning with Pokemon Go in a special library co-located Library Leaders Summit on the topic of Future Proofing Libraries with terrific speakers & lots of time for discussion with your colleagues put the dates in your new 2017 calendar & stay tuned for lots more exciting topics and speakers!

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Apps, Engagement & Putting Digital First


Star Touch Tablet App

Just watched this great video of John Cruikshank, Publisher, Toronto Star which screamed libraries to me — looking at new ways to reach people, in particular young people. Here’s a few snippets, but do watch it!

future of news — engage a broad audience print newspaper still there and making a profit $25 million start with ipad newsroom focused on storytelling re-engage people in a digital world at a deeper level, immersive level video capacity huge, far more graphical — different way of approaching the news agena bringing it to another generation in a different way can tell marketers how long people spend on their add & if they interact with it

Understanding customer perceptions: Part 2


Discovering Emotional Triggers And Hidden Truths

On May 29th we introduced you to Eunice Hogeveen, former information professional and now a marketing strategist & Partner with InnerViews is a Toronto-based research firm dedicated to uncovering how customers think – and, most importantly, their emotional triggers related to a product or service. They use “innovative metaphor-based research to gain new perspectives on what lies below the surface, so that business leaders are able to maximize opportunities by getting to what really matters to their customers.”

As a marketing strategist, Eunice works with clients to determine their marketing messages and positioning. At SLA’s 2015 Annual Conference Eunice described how metaphors provide insights into what people think and feel about specific topics, images, situations, services and products. The essence of a metaphor is to understand one thing in terms of another thing. Now you can hear her this week – July 17th – at Customer Service for Libraries at the iSchool (July 16th & 17th).

What took Eunice on this path? 23 years ago when she was working in a publishing firm where she was responsible for moving products from print to online, Eunice commissioned market research and was frustrated that they never seemed to get to the real thinking behind people’s purchasing decisions. She decided to go into market research herself, and to pursue more innovative techniques.

Innerviews uses Zaltman’s Metaphor Elicitation Technique, an intensive interview process that uses photos to surface people’s thinking, emotions and attachment to brands

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Understanding customer perceptions: Part 1


Eunice Hogeveen, MIS; Co-Founder & Partner of Innerviews Inc.

SLA’s Consulting Section of the Leadership & Management Development Division is incredibly fortunate that Eunice Hogeveen will be talking with them at the June 15th/15 Breakfast Meeting (8:00 a.m. @ Boston’s Convention Ctr Rm 252A). If you don’t have a ticket – get one. Every information professional needs to spend some time with Eunice. I’ve been lucky to know Eunice – and even luckier to have worked with her – for almost 30 years. Eunice introduced me to market segmentation; process mapping; storyboarding to test service concepts; and various ways of gaining a deep understanding of client’s information-related behaviours, preferences and applications. She’s a librarian who has been a senior manager in e-content publishing, and is co-founder and partner of a niche market research & business strategy firm focusing on Fortune 500 organizations. I continue to learn from her — about customer perceptions and beliefs, about managing a business, about thinking differently and strategically. This is the first of 2 blog posts about Eunice and the firm she co-leads, Innerviews Inc., and why information professionals need to take notice.

Me: Eunice, I met you when you were a solo librarian in a corporate library in the early 1980’s. How did you move from that career to metaphor research and business strategy?

Eunice: After receiving an MLS, my career journey began in special libraries at the Board of Trade and a major accounting and consulting firm. The era of content

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Advice for Advancing Agendas!


Great article containing very practical advice for libraries (and others) who want to push their agendas! It’s from a retired politician who actually wrote a book about his experience! From former Nova Scotia finance minister Graham Steele, author of, What I Learned about Politics, Here’s a review of the book. But here is his specific advice. Let me know if you try it and if it works for you. Be tough. Don’t be too nice. Just do it!

“None of you should talk to a politician about anything that matters without knowing what the escape hatches are,” said Steele. “The escape hatches are the rhetorical devices that politicians learn to avoid dealing with the real issue.”

Steele used an example of an escape hatch he used as finance minister when he was on a tour called Back to Balance.

During the tour, Steele spoke with Denise Corey, who is now the chief librarian for Cumberland Public Libraries. Corey was also at Steele’s visit at the Wandlyn Inn.

“Denise was at the session and she said she spoke to me about libraries at the meeting and I have no recollection of it,” said Steele.

Steele asked Corey what he said to her at the Back to Balance meeting.

“What I said is what every politician says, ‘I love libraries.’”

He also said he would look into her concerns.

“To Denise that sounds reasonable,

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Branding for Success: Lessons from the World Cup


Image courtesy of

I was just reading this fantastic article about Adidas’ use of social media during the World Cup. They sent a 40-person team to the games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“So far, its strategies seem to be working – on Twitter, Adidas is the most mentioned brand, with more than 1.6 million tweets, retweets, and replies about it. Plus, its hashtag #allin is the most used brand hashtag right now, with about 570,000 mentions. On YouTube, it’s doubled its audience by adding 200,000 new subscribers since the World Cup began, and on Facebook, it now has another one million fans.”

Adidas put a lot of effort and planning into their social media campaign and there are a lot of lessons for other companies, associations and industries!

“Building a “Content Bible

A year before the World Cup ever kicked off, Adidas tapped a social media agency called We Are Social to gather content on 100 Adidas-sponsored players. The content includes about 1,000 images and 160 videos that can work with whatever happens during gameplay. By the time December rolled around, We Are Social had set up an hourly calendar for the 32-day World Cup, building content around the games.” And yes, the bottomline is “Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time” and “Being ready for moments and story options”.

Libraries have so many great stories, so much research that points to their positive community impact. But they have trouble speaking with

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Montreal at Play


A few weeks ago I hosted, with Ken Haycock, an event called The Future of Libraries: Do We Have 5 Years to Live. One the most lively conversations was around the library’s uniqueness — what made them different or distinct from other organizations in their communities. This post is about one area and how their libraries saw an opportunity to exploit the dynamics of the gaming industry in their community to promote awareness of their resources and services and showcase their uniqueness!

I just heard at the Canadian Library Association annual conference, a great story about public libraries in Montreal (Les Bibliothèques de Montréal, OCLC/CMD Innovation Award Recipient) who were motivated by a teen death as well as the fact that Montreal hosts the largest video game industry in Canada to create a city-wide event, Montreal Joue, It’s all about games and play. Not just video games, but also board games since there is a rise in modern board games. Earlier this year they held their second festival, Feb 22-Mar 9. The public libraries of Montreal hosted nearly 400 activities in 45 libraries and 16 other venues including Concordia University’s Research Lab (including a workshop), high schools, video game studio visits, and more. With $100K from 32 partners supporting the event, more than 14,000 people participated. Many of the activities only required a Montreal library card. The libraries had several spokespersons including a young area actress as well as the Mayor of Montreal. Activities included a zombie night in the

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Influencing Advice from Effective Influencers


This is the best collective advice I’ve seen regarding relationship building with influencers and with customers. Yes, these are different individuals – different audiences. But there is advice in this infographic for both. This is particularly useful because those advising are viewing influencers through the lens of experiences and content — quite apt for libraries.

Ken Haycock and Wendy Newman, both of whom have taught hundreds of librarians about advocacy and influencing will be delighted, I’m sure, to see many of these quotes, such as Lee Odden’s “Grow your influencer network long before you need them. The day to create an army of influencer advocates isn’t the first day of the war. Find common interests and develop rapport.”

And Moe Hosseini-Ara? Here’s a great quote for our course at #clavic14 on Wed May 28th from Joe Pulizzi, “Have an influencer strategy. I would say 99% of businesses (or libraries) say that they want to partner with influencers actually have no strategy. Start with why you are engaging with influencers. What is it going to do for the business? (library?)”

Amazon Effect: What is it for Libraries?


At CIL2013 Brent Leary of CRM Essentials discussed how Amazon uses its data to design and drive customized experiences for customers. Libraries absolutely must mine and use their data in the same way — always mindful of privacy issues – and yet using their funding to create and deliver the best experiences for their residents, students, faculty or clients.