New Directions for Dysart & Jones


Well, here’s the official press release: I am stepping aside from consulting to join Brampton Library as Director, Service Delivery. Wow. I am honoured, excited, scared and sad. How’s that for a combination of emotions? For those that know me – it fits. I am a combination of emotions. I’m honoured to have consulted with Jane for the past several years. We have talked very openly about the incredible highs & lows of a small firm partnership: first and foremost, it is a relationship and, like all relationships needs to be worked on. I could not have asked for a better business partner. Jane Dysart is a phenomenal mentor, encourager, networker, visionary and an idea and people connector. Thanks Jane.

And I’m honoured to be going to work with Brampton Library. Rebecca Raven has a strong vision (see? I need these people around me with vision), and she too is an idea connector, and the organization is full of bright, wonderful people doing great things in Canada’s fastest growing and youngest community. Wow.

I’m also honoured with the caliber of clients and colleagues I’ve worked with. I can’t mention any of the clients because the list is too long, but, wow. Big university libraries, tiny rural public libraries and leathered global professional services firms. Sometimes my heart would be pounding so hard with fear walking into those imposing, respected institutions that, if I stopped moving, I might be paralyzed. But I always heard Jane’s voice in my head “what’s the

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Revitalizing & Recivilizing!


Great talk this morning at Computer in Libraries 2013 from Storm Cunningham on Libraries as Community Revitalizers! Hi first two books, The Restoration Economy & reWealth, led the way for his forthcoming, Revitalization due out later this year. Storm shared ideas from all his books which have built to the latest message covering restorative development, citizen leadership and crowd technologies. He gave terrific examples which I hope stimulate lots of ideas for future citizen-led, restorative development, using crown technologies to fund and promote libraries as part of community projects! You’ll be hearing more from me on this topic! Watch the video and keep your eyes open for this new book.



McMaster’s Future of the Academic Library Symposium: I’m looking for quality not gender


McMaster University in Hamilton is hosting Library Journal’s Future of The Academic Library, sponsored by Gale/Cengage and Ingram Coutts. This free, yes FREE symposium features some of the foremost thought-leaders in academic libraries: Mike Ridley, CIO & Chief Librarian University of Guelph, Arnold Hirshon, Asst Provost & University Librarian Case Western Reserve University, James Neal, VP Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University David Lewis, Dean of the IUPUI University Library, Michael Stephens (he’s practically an ICON!) and others, including Joan Lippincott, CNI’s Associate Executive Director talking about student behaviours, and Kate Wittenberg and Roger Schonfeld discussing the all-important Ithaka Report. Plus there are researchers discussing “new models of research” which is critical for libraries to understand. I registered immediately and “shared” this incredible event on Facebook. And what did I hear? Admittedly, I heard from a few people that they were registering and looking forward to this opportunity to hear from and discuss these issues with these individuals. But I also heard complaints that there were too few females as well as too few staff from McMaster speaking.

I fully acknowledge that my tendency is to see the glass half-full. In fact, my tendency is to be happy that there IS a glass — that there IS water — and that there are people paying attention to the glass and the water. So, even at my ripe age, I’m continually blind-sided when people point out the issues with the glass even being there. I appreciate it when people point

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Just Say “Yes”: Thx Lora Baiocco!


Lora Baiocco, Online Services and Archives librarian at the Westmount Public Library in Westmount, Quebec talked with me at OLA 2011 Superconference about our common interest in getting some of our professional colleagues to recognize that “critical thinking” isn’t about “being critical” — it’s about seeing possibilities, recognizing our built-in biases, replacing “but” with “and”, AND, as Lora told me — just saying YES, through a technique she learned from Bugs Bunny. Talk about “seeing possibilities” — that was Bugs, right?

Ok, so Lora didn’t learn the technique from Bugs; she learned it from his creator, Chuck Jones, in his autobiography, Chuck Amuck

Thanks, Lora, for letting me re-post your insights & instructions (we all need instructions to apply the insights, at least the first time round!)

Creating Bugs….

…Because this was not a brainstorming session in the usual sense, it was a “yes” session, not an “anything goes” session. Anything went, but only if it was positive, supportive, and affirmative to the premise. No negatives were allowed…. The “yes” session imposes only one discipline: the abolition of the word “no”. …if you find you cannot contribute, then silence is proper, but it is surprising how meaty a little old stringy “yes” (which is another name for a premise) can become in as little as fifteen or twenty minutes, when everyone present unreservedly commits his immediate impulsive and positive response to it…A good premise always generates the most astonishing results. Jones, Chuck. Chuck Amuck: The life and times of an

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Evergreen, ever possible


Change….it’s all what you’re used to….


Martin @ IL10: Don’t be Shed


Pat Martin of Litlamp Communications and author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer & What it Means to Your Business was a lively opening keynote speaker for Internet Librarian 2010 this morning. She talked about the renaissance generation, which reflects a rebirth, regeneration, creativity, innovation but also requires the shedding of some things. She suggested three ways for libraries (or any organization I would say) to create value for their community, and not be shed in the new renaissance generation:

* Put the user at the center

* Let the user collaborate on the user experience in your organization

* Curate the human interface

Other suggestions included getting out of the library building and becoming community managers and hubs of information. Libraries can do this very well as they are respected and credible for giving neutral information. The Edmonton Public Library hired 11 community managers last year who are doing wonderful things in their community.

I loved Pat’s comment that “the story is the new killer app” — what a great message for libraries. See her presentation here, but fast forward through the part where I pretend to be Tom Hogan Senior! Watch for an interview with Patricia Martin coming soon from the Shanachies on TWIL, This Week in Libraries.

James Carville on Libraries & Library Closings

See James Carville and hear his comments about libraries and suggestions for getting the message across to those who finance libraries. What a great advocate for libraries!

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Little Librarian – “Play Library!”


Now for sale in a few select stores, including the Library of Congress Gift Store is “The Little Librarian” kit. A finalist in the Disney Family Fun Magazine Contest, this kit was developed by a mother and daughter — and comes complete with ideas for kids to “play library”, including turning your car into a book mobile, or hosting story time. What a hoot!

Why didn’t those in libraries think of this? Sigh….. this is innovation and play at work!

Adding Value @ Internet Librarian 2010, Oct 25-7

I am very excited about the upcoming Internet Librarian 2010 in Monterey CA next month. This post looks at the first events of the conference — Saturday morning’s free Library Camp Monterey, Saturday afternoon and Sunday workshops, Sunday evening networking and welcome party — Games & Gadgets Petting Zoo, and Monday’s main conference kick off! There will be more posts more posts here and at the conference blog about specific session themes and speakers, our Tuesday night session, Rip Van Winkles’s Libraries in 2510 (and if you haven’t entered the video/podcast contest, please do), and our first virtual conference, Mobile Monday Online.

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