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In the Tank with Sharks @ CIL March 22

The “Shark Tank” series critiques products that entrepreneurs hope will be funded by investors. This workshop adapts and adopts this approach – considering and critiquing ideas for library-related projects. What’s the project idea? Who will benefit? Will they be interested? Is the project worth the cost? Is there a payoff for the campus or community? Do the sharks believe it – and are they willing to help find investments and funds?

Six innovative project ideas are pitched to a panel of judges and the workshop participants. The judges or “sharks” don’t bite but they do question, evaluate and opine on the feasibility of these projects. Simultaneously, workshop participants collaborate in small groups discussing each pitch with the six criteria. The judging panel and workshop attendees vote for the top 2 projects pitched (maximum) that they are willing to advise on or assist in identifying potential funding or collaborations. Let’s see if the workshop participants and judges agree!

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Big Picture: Messages & Influence

This article really resonated with me, Why Leaders Need to Broaden Their World View. Rebecca and I have talked about the seeing the big picture for years. This article referred to several new books and provides great tips for better listening! I have borrowed liberally to share! We definitely need diversity of thinking on all our teams these days.

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