Author: Rebecca Jones

The Obsolete

We’re preparing to co-create the LLEAD virtual learning environment. Taking the advice of Priya Parker (Art of Gathering) we’ll show each other a physical item in our working space that’s meaningful. For me it is a small poster of “the alphabet of the obsolete” I got in 2014 from by Joey DeVilla. I look at it all the time and think, “what’s disappearing that libraries – that leaders – that organizations – need to think about?”

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Gary Price: Recording of Prospect Research session

How to use the web for prospect research, contact tracing, identifying donors, candidate sourcing, board of directors member sourcing, association member sourcing, private detective, due diligence on potential hires, election candidate intelligence, security checks, insider trading reviews, criminal record checks, credit checks, sales target sourcing, finding birth parents and other relatives.

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