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Author: Jane Dysart

Impact of LIbraries

Sometimes we get too close to our local issues and challenges; we become frustrated with the pace of progress and change. I believe we need to step back so we can see the forest and not just the trees. The IFLA LIbrary Map of the World shares not only how many libraries there are in the world, but also how libraries are having an impact in their local areas.

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Sunrise or Sunset?

I was really inspired yesterday listening to KM pioneer Leif Edvinsson speak to the SIKM community begun by Stan Garfield many years ago. He began his talk by asking Stan what he thought of the world today, sunrise or sunset? Trick question! The sun never sets. So our world goes on! Leif touched on many interesting things: KM in 3D, knowledge navigation, ignorance management, learning to see, learning journeys, and more!

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