Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc. and Gary Price, InfoDocket & Info DJs are renowned web aficionados.

Here’s the fast-paced update of web sources they shared on September 20. Whether you work in a campus, corporation, public library or government agency, these applications will astound your clients. Gary and Mary Ellen are two leaders of Searchers Academy, coming up on October 17th at Internet Librarian, in Monterey CA,

Sources and sites discussed:

Gary’s spreadsheet of sources and sites is here. If your organization blocks Google sheets, it is also here. Be sure to watch the video to see how to get a giveaway – Bethany – a sampler of his customized site of trade journals.

Mary Ellen’s slides are here. Her advice, based on her extensive experience, is that if – just IF – the answer to a client’s question can’t be found,

Pivot! What related or parallel info can you find? What are the “signals” that might indicate an answer? Who are the stakeholders? What are they doing? Ask a colleague for a fresh perspective.

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