I talked very candidly about Critical Skills for Project Management at #SLA2017.  My focus was on what I’d learned, over 30 years – to that point!, to be sanity savers for project managers. There are many books, courses, blog posts and presentations on effective project management, and I highly recommend that anyone entering the world of projects seek them out and learn. Let’s face it, to keep their sanity project managers need a few tools, specifically a project charter (sometimes called a charge or outline), a RASCI or RACI matrix, and some way to track the project plan, timeline and costs.

I’ve updated this to include Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis.  While these aren’t discussed in this presentation, they are in this 2022 post on Six Essential Project Management Tools, and the tools are linked to below.

Below are the 2017 slides, a Project Charter template you are welcome to consider and edit, and the ever wonderful RASCI (you can shorten it to a RACI if you want — but do use it.)

Project Charter This links to the document (honest)

Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis and RASCI Templates  – this links to the RASCI template – as well as Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis tools.