In November 2021 MJ D’Elia (University of British Columbia Okanagan), Andrea Cecchetto (Markham Public Library) and I talked about the Competencies & Tools essential for the library sector at Internet Librarian 2021. We divided the talk into 3 categories: Projects, People, Portfolios – and then threw in a few bonus tools for good measure (no, we didn’t include logic model – an essential measurement tool, and, in hindsight, should have. Sigh.)

The full presentation is below (the slides are MJ’s talented artistry). That presentation focused on 3 project management tools: Change Methodology Matrix, RASCI and Moscow Matrix. Today I’m adding 3 tools essential for a project management toolbox: Project Charter, Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis. For more details on the Project Charter and RASCI, check out this post: Project Manager Sanity Savers. For the Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis, just scroll down – there’s a short video there, and downloads.