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Imagination & Resetting for the Future with Kendall Talbot, Adventurer & Author [/

We talk with an experienced adventurer and author about her curiosity and imagination. She has traveled to 46 countries, experienced some jaw-dropping adventures (scuba diving with whale sharks, hiking the Cinque Terre, white water rafting, climbing Mayan ruins, dog-sledding on a frozen tundra and exploring Alcatraz), and shaped those experiences into some exciting novels! Join us as she discusses her ideas and imagination from the mysteries of treasure hunting, to surviving in the frozen tundra, the jungle, or the backstreets of Cuba! And of course, how she envisioned the effect of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) on a cruise ship and the few remaining passengers! Join us for a fun conversation and be prepared to think differently.

Calling all mystery and adventure readers and those with library patrons who love them! I have read many of Kendall’s books and see her as a female Clive Cussler.  

Author Kendall Talbot, April 2021