Everyone has a job to be done: JTBD. 

Do you know what your clients’ or patrons’ jobs to be done are? And, if you don’t, how can you services benefit their hectic lives? 

Paul Cuomo, Digital Content Management Specialist, TDNet, talks about the JTBD framework to surface customers’ underlying needs in this SLACanadaTalks, July 15 at 4pm ET.

A new member of SLA, Paul has an MBA in technology management, and discusses the framework from the view of a technology team is looking to launch a new product or a process in a department. Developed by Tony Ulwick, founder of Stratygen, JBTD is designed to make sure the people served are getting what they need — not what they say they want or what is within  your vision.

Ulwick’s book is here for you to download or listen to. Templates and guidelines are shared and will help in decisions relating to processes, procedures, and technologies for the benefit of your patrons and staff. JTBD is a framework/template that can assist in making sure that what you plan to implement satisfies underlying needs.

Even SLACanada has a JTBD: bringing you insights: always on point, always free.

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