What do Stephen Abram and Brian Pichman have in common? They are both passionate about libraries. They are both leading-edge thinkers that inspire and sometimes niggle at librarians. And, they are always on the lookout to the entertainment and technology sectors for trends that libraries can use or that will impact libraries. Stephen is consultant, author and president of Lighthouse Consulting, Inc.; Brian is Director, Strategic Innovation, Evolve Project.

With one of the most-read library blogs, Stephen’s Lighthouse, Abram keeps on top of what’s happening in and beyond libraries and shares ideas libraries can replicate or build on. Pichman annually attends the renowned Consumer Electronics Show to learn about new products and technologies libraries should consider. He encourages companies at CES show to test with their products with libraries and has established quite the reputation for building relationships between the tech and library sectors. Talk with Abram and Pichman about trends we should pay attention to and incorporate into libraries to be even more engaging than they already are!