So far I’ve only been in two sessions at KMWorld Connect, the first virtual edition of this long term conference that Information Today has produced and I have program designed for 20 years! Keynotes for day one beginning with Charlene Li‘s The Disrupted MIndset & Knowledge Sharing and Dan Pontefract‘s Resetting in Times of Change.

Future Customers

Charlene emphasized, like Wayne Gretzky skating where the puck will be, we should all be where are customers are going to be, not just focusing on those great customers are.  Constant anticipation! Then Dan’s first story was about the 10 year old boy who influenced the CEO of Qantas! Why aren’t we asking kids more as they will be our future customers!


Charlene talked about using an empathy map to learn more about future customers. And here’s a short video from Charlene on the topic of empathy as well: “Empathy isn’t trying to change someone, but truly understanding them.” When Rebecca Jones, moderator of Dan’s session & my biz partner, asked Dan what were the most difficult of his 9 key areas for becoming a more caring leader, he answered a combo of #1 and #9 from his book, Lead Care Win, which we have talked about before on our blog — empathy! So these are my first thoughts from the first day of KMWorld Connect!  Hopefully more soon.