Join SLA Canada September 10 @ 4pm EST to talk with Gary, web & media aficionado of InfoDocket.

Gary Price, the ultimate web miner, uses new tools and traditional librarian know-how to be the intelligence source for organizations. On September 10 we talk about 3 things:

  1. Preemptive Librarianship – alerting our communities, campuses or corporations to news they need to know
  2. Web and info sector developments since May 2020 we need to be using.
  3. Creating data lakes, and extracting visuals from reports – using our curation skills and available tools.

Gary knows the web, and is adept at explaining it in ways that respect what and how librarians need of that web. He also knows the media flows that influence the news, publications, sources, sites and apps that info pros need to be their organization’s intelligence officers. His deep knowledge of how media works, how the web works, and how we can keep our data – and the data of our clients – private that makes him indispensable.

Keep current with him. Be indispensable. Follow him on daily in Infodocket in Library Journal.