Blockchain is an emerging technology that will change the way we acquire and share information. Talk with Stephen Sawyer, Lead, Design Research & Business Analysis, Prescient Innovations and SLA Canada Blockchain Working Group about the importance of librarians in shaping how blockchain is applied to content creation, storage and distribution.

Libraries and blockchain? Consider this:

  • Blockchain combines a variety of technologies including cryptography, peer-to-peer networks, smart contracts and consensus mechanisms to create a new kind of database.
  • In the near future, we may experience decentralized libraries, where patrons’ records would be held on a blockchain instead of the library’s centralized database.
  • Users could control their circulation records and manage their borrowing histories. New economies could also emerge to reward library users for sharing their data with libraries.

This month’s Chatinar looks at the research conducted by a working group of librarians as well as potential use cases for information professionals.