Open Access Panel

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am following Information Today’s first virtual conference, Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian Connect 2020, which I was given the opportunity to design and program! What a learning adventure for us all, but one that taught us new skills, new ways fo thinking, new opportunities to connect in a time of majaor disruption and confusion. Our spirits were truly elevated this past week as we shared our experiences, discussed new solutions and innovative ways to meet our communities needs. Amazing, exhilerating, uplifting.  To be able to hang out with our tribe as well as learn over the 5 days of the conference was definitely a treat during the dismal times many of us face. I want to thank everyone involved:

*speakers and moderators who not only shared their thoughts and experiences but practiced using our new platform and learned in some cases to pre-record their presentations or share videos — a real commitment; and Carol Nixon who behind the scenes keeps our speakers informed, engaged & ready to present & of course continues to update the online program as our event evolves!

*our IT/techie support group led by Bill Spence who made sure we knew what we were doing and helped our speakers and moderators every day, as well as attendees through the chat

*our help desk folks who again assisted those challenged by the new platform or their tech!  The FAQ helped too! These are out logistics folks who also work out an amazing number of details to keep us all on track and make sure our event flows smoothly.  Well done!

*keynote speakers who are so busy and in demand these days for taking their time to share their knowledge with us

*our sponsors and exhibitors who were willing to try our new platform, learn how we can approach our relationshps differntly, and share their positive feelings about our first virtual event!

*Erik Boeskestijn for not only interviewing interesting thought leaders each day, but for creating what I call a “magical music mosaic” challenge resulting in a very engaging song knitted together by speakers and friends; a song all our attendees will remember.  Awaitng the Youtube link so you can watch it again!

*attendees who were expecting to meet in person in DC for CIL or Monterey for IL (btw we did have fun with our whale watching meetup!) as well as those who registered for our first virtual event from all over the world — that is one of the many upsides of a digital virtual event and a number of participants are alread thinking about how we might do hybrid events in the future – I’m game!

*Tom Hogan Sr., President of  Information Today, the conference producer, who allowed us to experiement and learn with this new venture which had over 1000 participants.

*Steve-Nathans Kelly, our streaming guru who ferreted out the subtleties of the new platform we used, Pheedloop, and helped us master things so our conference went as smoothly as it does in person (yea, there are also the odd glitch or two there as well!) He also recorded our sessions and is archiving them right now to be available next week until June 2021!  So yes, Carolyn Foote, you can continue to have our event one hour a day for the next very long time! We can continue to learn, share and discuss we our colleagues!

Again thanks to everyone! It will take me ages to thanks to you all invidually, but I’m going to try, but know I really appreciate all that all of your have done! And I especially love all your comments.  Thanks again!