Wow, not quite half way through Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian Connect 2020 and I am definitely energized, hope you are too!  So many wonderful ideas and positive challenges and possible actions.  I thought I’d list a few and hope you will add as I don’t have lots of time and I certainly couldn’t hear all our fab speakers.  Thanks goodness we are recording and archiving all talks so we can go back and hear those we missed!

  1. Lee Raine: Continue libraries as sanctuaries, trusted information resouces, family helpers, community strengtheners, democracy anchors
  2. Daniel Russell, Google Research Scientist: so many great search tips from this cyber-tribal-technical-cognitive-anthropologist, buy his book, The Joy of Search!
  3. Scott Hargrove, Public Librarian; Regularly tell your stakeholders, funders, community of the activities you are doing to help the community during Covid and the impact it is having — build partnerships and relationships which will extend beyond this crisis
  4. Alex Clifton, Storyhouse: Involve your community as much as you can (150+ partnerships/agreements); tell your stories in many ways — theater production of annual report!! Consider a membership model like Storyhouse who gives perks for 4Euros membership and raised 200KEuros very quickly from their community!  Bravo!!
  5. Sarah Boisvert: FabLabHub founder (2000+ facilities including many libraries) & Manufactuer discussed expanding learning, new collar skills needed for the future & the need cobots (humans working with tech — Meredith Broussard empahasized too, AI & human curation)
  6. Nichol Turner Lee: hyperlocalism during health crisis so libraries/stewards of digital chaos need to make partnerships and turn parking lots into parks (Jane’s note — use your pop up STEM/makerspace exhibits), send out more book mobiles, think about “Who is on the wrong side of digital opportunities?” and find partnerships to make change in your community! Watch for her book coming out next year, Digitally Invisible (updated due to COVID)! 
  7. Bryan Alexander: Looked at the big picture/global and higher ed where there are campuses, online & hybrid solutions right now, but there will definitely be financial issues in the future so don’t be turtling (hiding in your shell), reach out to others so we can learn together and create new solutions!
  8. Matt Finch: Great advice for facing and being ready for an uncertain future — look for blindspots, use a tool to help — map your relationships and look at the uncertainties around those –make sure your relationships with suppliers are strong and your negotiation skills are good as financial issues will definitely be at the forefront in the future!
  9. Erik Boekesteijn: MAJOR MUSIC CHALLENGE — add to the words for this CIL and IL Connect 2020 song! Something to remember this unique global conference for the library and information industry! Watch for more on this in social media!
  10. Wish I could do more, but no time right now!  A few more fun comments which resonated with me.  Matt Finch,”Happy hermits” these days! Kristin Delwo from conference diamond sponsor Ebsco, “Such a fullfilling time seeing so many library innovators, always creative but now outstanding!’ Nicol Turner Lee, “Reimagine spaces’ based on community needs. Meredith Broussard, ” My digital transformation at home is all around redecorating!”  Eric Kokke, “Try, try, try” creaate outside the box, experiment and learn!  Marty Tarle, “Work together” major take away and echoed by many speakers! Please share your highlights, favorite quotes, ahas!  Share our knowledge and experiences!!