I was really inspired yesterday listening to KM pioneer Leif Edvinsson speak to the SIKM community begun by Stan Garfield many years ago. He began his talk by asking Stan what he thought of the world today, sunrise or sunset? Trick question! The sun never sets. So our world goes on! Leif touched on many interesting things:

  • KM in 3D, knowledge navigation, navigating into what we don’t know, ignorant space. Later he talked about ignorance management, a form of KM
  • Leif quoted Di Vinci about “learning to see“, observe, get pictures of indicators and aspects
  • Talked about learning journeys, periods of evolution and perhaps the end of KM and the beginning of a new era of neuro signs, or mind era
  • Discussed finding hidden value, intellectual capital, knowledge, intangible assets
  • Said Covid-19 is challenging KM and we need a collective approach; Leif’s on the advisory board of the World Health Innovation Summitcheck out their recent post on how to stay informed about Covid-19 and not lose hope
  • Future Center Alliance, tools for looking at the space of not knowing, labs that focus on organizational and relationship capital – organizations as flow/process; Leif emphasized that we need a lab for societal innovation to search and help move us into the future
  • Changes in economy, new eras of trade going beyond goods and services to intangibles/ideas such as Spotify, 14 years old and worth $25 billion, bringing people together for music exchange, the value is in human capital

Adriaan Jooste, CKO, Deloitte & a key sponsor of KMWorld asked some great questions of Leif: If you could go back in time what would you change that could make a difference today? If you could make a step change today for the future, what would it be?  The later is one the SIKM group is planning to pursue for a future talk.  Meanwhile, I’m hoping that we can include Leif’s presentation and a live discussion at the new virtual KMWorld Connect, November 16-19.  More news on that coming soon!