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Stephen Sawyer – Blockchain & Libraries – October 2020 for SLA Canada

Gary Price – Librarians as Privacy Advisors – September 2020 for SLA Canada

Matt Finch – Strategizing when certainty isn’t a given – August 2020

Seth Earley – Ontologies: Critical for Artificial Intelligence – July 2020 for SLA Canada with Nexter Chats

Dan Pontefract – 5 things learned from launching a virtual conference in a pandemic – May 2020

Phaedra Boinodiris – Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: A personal story – May 2020

Gary Price – Websearch Apps. Sources & Sites – May 2020 for SLA Canada

Bryan Alexander, Janie Hermann and Andrea Cecchetto – Where are libraries in this virtual environment? April 2020

Virtual Reality: Game-Changer for Education & Collaboration with Chance Glasco & Chad Mairn April 2020

Brian Pichman’s 10 Tools for Cybersecurity – especially when working remotely – March 2020 for SLA Canada