Matt Finch excels at strategic thinking and asking the questions that force different types of considerations, possibilities and answers. Reading his June 22 post Public Libraries, Police Abolition, and Serving Your Community in a Time of Change, and having experienced his scenario planning, we knew that we had to talk with him – asap.

This wasn’t a usual webinar. We are not in usual times.

We talked about strategizing for the information, GLAM and library sector in a post-normal world. Should public and academic libraries, information management practitioners and GLAM institutions be pressing a reset button? And, if so, how would that reset start?  As Matt says, “The future doesn’t really come at you from over the horizon; it overtakes you in the rear-view mirror. The signals of emergent change are already there, if you know where to look.”  Where should we be looking? How will libraries and information practices go further, move faster, allow themselves to be reshaped, redirected, and transformed by the new forces in our society?  To Matt, we need to map our relationships, and take ourselves out of the equation; then ask, “what is the most uncertain factor that may impact them? what do we get from a relationship – and what does the other party get from the relationship? And – how will what may happen to them impact us?

Here’s the podcast.

Podcast of Matt Finch, August 2020: Strategizing when certainty isn’t a given.

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