Just heard this phrase today and I love it. It can be applied to so many things these days. For instance:

  • Not trying to create a printed conference program for an in person event but recreating it to focus on a new virtual event on a new website — Information Today’s 2020 planned live events, Computers in Libraries  and Internet Librarian are now scheduled together as a virtual event, Computers in Libraries & Internet Librarian Connect, September 21-25! Baking it into the online experience!  Stay tuned for more on that!
  • Not planning to get back to normal in our social, working, travelling lives, but resetting — changing how we do things like online grocery delivery, more face to face online meeting and collaboration tools to enhance our productivity when working with remote teams, etc.
  • Not building on or bolting on legacy systems but create new elegant solutions (I think a number of our governments have learned this over the health care crisis, or at least I hope so!).
  • Baking in new behaviors and practices around diversity, inclusion, and support in all that we and our organizations do.
  • Baking in solid relationships and partnerships in our communities to accomplish so much more working together.

Baking in and not bolting on requires fresh thinking, looking outside the box, considering many different scenarios, observing others’ innovative strategies and practices and experimenting to see if they might work in our ecosystem.  How do we do this?  For me, it’s talking to and communicating with a diverse group of people, participating in many different types of events, looking for opportunities, connections as well as gaps and pain points, learning from many different talented folks.  How about you?  What works for you?  AND once you have the ideas, how to do you implement change, in yourself and others? Let’s get baking for the future!  Share your ideas for doing so, PLEASE!