Interesting article in Forbes looks at how to make virtual conferences better. Author Ryan Holmes, Founder of Hootsuite, talked to marketers, keynote speakers, Hootsuite experts, and more. “In terms of accessibility, cost savings, environmental footprint, etc., virtual events have a lot going for them. We just have to find a way to make them less of a drag.” Of course it’s important to use “the right technology and know how to use it — everything from the hosting platform to the proper mics and lighting.” Here are the top tips:

  • Content is (still) king
  • Perfection isn’t the point; being human & spontaneous is good!
  • Sound & lighting basics matter: headset mic & window light at least
  • Feedback loops during presentations are key; comments, chat, emojis
  • Breakout groups are critical to interact & engage
  • Virtual event, real food; gift card for lunch?
  • Shorter really is sweeter; get the point fast!
  • Build in networking and connection moments; integrate community-building & virtual lounge moments
  • Don’t forget the entertainment; small vignettes with games, quizzes, music
  • Everybody needs a digital swag bag; animated stickers, wallpaper, ebooks, further resources

Thanks to Alistar Croll for this great graphic which encompasses tips too!

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