We had a great conversation recently about the need to pivot and provide virtual services in a much more direct and focused way with public and academic librarians (April 23 on virtual environments). We talked about having more than just digital resources and content to which library users can have access. We were looking for interactive virtual services.

So when I saw friend and colleague Steve Dennings piece on agile in the C-suite in Forbes magazine today, it really resonated! He referred to a recent HBR article on the topic. Basically agility at the top accelerates learning & bolsters confidence of every team member; means more delegation, coaches, problem-oriented work sessions, continuous improvement, and mulit-disciplinary groups with customer focus which then results in shareholder value. Focus on the customer and value will come!

Customer experience in “digital only life” (DOL instead of IRL right?) as pointed out here, talks about re-examining the customer journey. It means focusing on interaction & collaboration, including embedding human interaction with such things as video, experimentation, agility (fail fast)! Can’t wait to hear how everyone responds to this need in today’s world! Please share.