Seth Earley on Ontologies & AI

Thursday July 9 @ noon ET, talk with Seth Earley about artificial intelligence and ontologies.

Keeping with our theme of AI, this Nexter Chat joins SLA Canada to look at Ontologies & AI. Experienced practitioner Seth Earley, author of The AI-Powered Enterprise, brings his wit and wisdom to our conversation.

Building on his recent book, Seth explains how to develop and employ an ontology, the secret weapon for successfully using artificial intelligence to create a powerful competitive advantage in your business. An ontology is a holistic digital model of every piece of information that matters to the business, from processes to products to people, and it’s what makes the difference between the promise of AI and delivering on that promise. Get tips and techniques from our popular long-time practitioner, speaker and recent author!

Seth is CEO, Earley Information Science. His previous talks are in the archives of KMWorld and Taxonomy Boot Camp!