I started working with Dan Pontefract in 2013 when he was working as Chief Learning Officer with telecom Telus and had written his first book, Flat Army: Creating a Connected & Engaged Organization! Check out my comments about learning from his book. Since then has been a speaker several times at KMWorld, written a few more books (Open to Think and The Purpose Effect) including the latest coming later this year, Lead, Care, Win.

Dan has shown true leadership during the current health crisis. First he repurposed some of his writings into excellent toolkits to help employers and employees navigate leading teams and working from home in new ways.

Next Dan rounded up colleagues, fellow consultants, writers and mentors to share their knowledge for free to raise funds for the Red Cross during the health crisis. Over a period of a week, each day from 11-7 pm ET there was a speaker or fireside chat each hour with fabulous faculty speaking from home. SpeakAid 2020 raised over $32K and you can check out the speakers and topics there. One listener tweeted, ” it was like 35 coaches coming into my living room giving me their words of wisdom. It was very personal & I learned a lot,”

Couple of my key nuggets: Loved Dan’s new word, quarentime and his use of ATNA = All talk, no action. GetAbstract: relevant knowledge from trusted sources by summarizing biz books – free until May 18. Check it out. The shelf life of skills, not what they used to be. Less analytics & more pattern recognition in the future; discovery-driven growth, & Rita Gunther McGrath’s new book Seeing Around Corners as well as her excellent exercise for early warning detection for future states! To hear more, especially Dan’s own key learning moments, and to chat with Dan over Zoom, join us on Thurs May 7!

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