We talk with leaders in public, post-secondary and corporate library environments every day. Like you, they’re navigating this unprecedented crisis, asking challenging questions:

  • How does our management team help employees focus in a time of extreme ambiguity and even fear? 
  • How do we support those who are still working when their colleagues are laid off?  
  • How do we plan for a transition back to some or all of our physical locations?
  • How do we strategically move to operate in an environment that is still unknown?

That’s why we designed a series of 3 conversations for library leaders, bound by confidentiality, to share experiences, learn approaches and support each other.

We don’t have the answers, but we are experienced coaches and facilitators who will connect you with each other and to quality approaches while ensuring a lively, focused, safe discussion. The series is free and limited to 15 participants. Your only requirement is a commitment to all 3 sessions and to maintaining confidentiality.

Session 1: How do you keep a leadership presence in the digital environment?

Session 2: How do you communicate with and support staff through this time of uncertainty and fear?

Session 3: How do you maintain productivity and staff well-being in a way that’s meaningful – when you can’t “see” everyone? 

 We are greater and more creative together than alone.  

We look forward to walking alongside you through these important conversations.

Rebecca Jones & Andrea Freeman: Certified Coaches, Facilitators and previous leaders in libraries 

Contact us with any questions: rebecca@dysartjones.com or andreamfreeman@gmail.com