Gary Price, the ultimate web miner, thrilled 100 people on last week’s SLACanada‘s chatinar. Gary knows the web, and he’s so adept at explaining it in ways that respect what and how librarians need of that web. He also knows the media flows that influence the news, publications, sources, sites and apps that info pros need to be their organization’s intelligence officers. It is his deep knowledge of how media works and how the web works that allow him to dig up the nuggets he reports on daily in Infodocket in Library Journal.

Here’s the video of the chatinar, and, below is his listing of sources – updated daily!


  • Finding: “Authoritative” and “Credible” Sources and People (Especially When You’re New to a Topic)
    • Business/Niche Press and Websites
    • Academic Articles and Organizations
    • Center For …
    • Trade Associations, Professional Societies, etc.
    • Using Web-Only Specialty Databases and Exploiting Non-Obvious Databases
    • Example: PubMed for Internet Usage Research
    • Example: Industry Trends in SEC Filings
    • Pick Up the Phone or Send an E-Mail
  • Finding Contacts vs. Sending to an info@… Address
    • Use Search Terms/Descriptors
    • “Literature Review”
    • “Systematic Review”
    • Handbook
    • Guidebook
    • So Many Others
    • Using Social Media
    • Finding More Experts
  • What are People Saying (Of Course, Be Careful)
  • Using Non-Textual Materials
  • For Example: Video and Podcasts
  • Lectures, Interviews, Conference Sessions
  • Here Today, Gone (or Changed) Tomorrow: Saving What You Find
  • Don’t Count on it Being Accessible Tomorrow
  • Heavy Duty Saving/Archiving
  • Being in the Loop: Learning Early in the Cycle, Keeping Current
  • Learning/Knowing “Early” Allows You to Share with Colleagues
  • Adds Value to Your Job
  • Newsletters and Alerts

Resources and Tools

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