What a wonderful chat with Nexter Dan Pontefract we had yesterday! If you were unable to join our Zoom meeting, check out our podcast. Dan referred to the early weeks of March as a slow moving hurricane and that really resonated with me. So much happened during that period and every day brought something different and emotionally devastating as well as confusing. Since then we have moved to a mostly digital only life (DOL), we are not enjoying so many of the things we love to do IRL (in real life). From IRL to DOL. What a challenge the uncertainty is for us all; but also the time for many new opportunities!

Rebecca reminded us it’s not about moving current processes and activities to the digital world, but really rethinking and experimenting and focusing on what our customers want and need. As my earlier post on rethinking customer experience said, we have to embed human interaction in the digital experience. Kate O’Neill, author of Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans and speaker at Speak Aid 2020, talked about how human hope and optimism can be a tool of focus and refocus, lets us choose what to hope for/what matters to us and also our direction of action. Alex Osterwalder, CEO, Strategyzer, author of The Invincible Company and The Value Proposition Design, and also a speaker at Speak Aid, said inventing the future comes from exploration and is one of key skills for our time. We need chief entrepreneurs and CEOs who spend 40% of their time on innovation. Roger Martin, author of many books, told many wonderful stories at Speak Aid, but I loved his comment that it’s ‘not built to last but built to survive‘ that we need these days, flexibility and agility. These were only a few speakers from Speak Aid, a virtual event that Dan Pontefract organized in less than a month, hosted 2000 registrants over a week of 45 minute sessions, and raised $32K for the Red Cross from audience donations. Amazing.

Dan has shown so much leadership during the recent health crisis and he has a new book coming out in September, Lead Care Win, It shares 9 lessons for leaders: Be relatable and empathetic, Act not out of ego but out of purpose, Share knowledge to build a wise organization, Stay present and attentive to the needs of others, Embrace change and the opportunity for growth it offers, Stay curious and adopt lifelong learning, Think and act with clarity, Commit to balance and inclusivity in all your dealings,Act with humility and thoughtfulness. So be a leader and take this time to plan you’re great reset. Can’t wait to hear and see some of the new directions we find!