With public and academic spaces closed, libraries need to be where their students, community members and faculty are in the virtual environment: Zoom, Facebook Live, phone, etc. Are they? Those in the library know that libraries are virtual. Do people on campuses and in communities know this?

How best can libraries and other learning organizations truly engage with people in the virtual environment? Where are libraries in the virtual environment? What % of communities and campuses are engaging with libraries now, and how will they emerge from the Covid19 environment? Digital resources have been available for years. But these are just one aspect of what libraries are – and of what communities and campuses need, especially in a time of intense isolation. It is the staff – the people – within libraries who work with their communities and campuses who transform lives. 


Watch the recording above with Janie Hermann of Princeton Public LibraryBryan Alexander, a senior scholar at Georgetown University, higher education consultant, and author of Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education, and Andrea Cecchetto of Markham Public Library.

If you prefer to listen to the podchat, here it is. Listen now or download for later: