I’m sharing from another friend an colleague, Scott Brown who posted this on Facebook as part of his continuing #lookingup! And it’s based on a great practice started many years ago by Cindy Hill, another friend & colleague!

“Many, many people are starting to work from home on a regular basis this week. There are many, many articles surfacing out there on how to work from home, so I won’t cover those. What I want to share is a simple practice that I learned from the wonderful Cindy Hill (and she’s a big part of the #lookingup today) at SunLibrary – a way to help maintain some team continuity and connection in a non-office setting.

It’s the “Where’s (name)?” email.

First thing in the morning, everyone sends an email when they’re on. Example for me:

Subject: Where’s Scott?
Body: Morning everyone, just signing in from Portland. Happy Monday! Working alongside my office companion, Desmond (the cat).

It can be as simple as this, or more elaborate.

At the end of the day:

Subject: Where’s Scott?
Body: Signing off for the day, everyone. Desmond’s put in a hard day of sleep…I mean, ah, work.

It’s a beautiful practice because:

1. It provides everyone visibility to “presence” online in a non-physical setting.
2. It’s not too obtrusive.
3. It’s a built-in way to connect, to share, and to stay connected.

Use it or introduce it if you like. It can feel awkward the first few days, but after a while, it simply becomes automatic, and honestly, it can become a bright spot in the day.

That’s the practice, thank you to Cindy for the ongoing value of this.”

And thanks to you Scott for sharing this practice!