Dan Pontefract, Caring & Sharing on Remote Leadership & Working

Being kind & helping the world are two things my friend & colleague, Dan Pontefract, epitomizes. Following up on Rebecca’s last two posts, here’s what Dan just sent along to me & lots of others. Feel free to share!

“I know I promised that this newsletter would be infrequent and irregular. Two emails from me in less than a week is not my normal style, but I felt compelled to send another one now to ensure you were aware of another resource.

You may recall that I launched a REMOTE LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT on March 16. There have been over 3,000 downloads thus far. Glad I could help somehow in this the age of a modern-day pandemic.

I had several requests from people asking if I was thinking about putting together a similar version for employees. A “tips and tricks” series of sorts. I wasn’t. But then I thought about it. I should.
So I did.

Same deal. You’re the first to know. It’s free (again) but if you feel compelled to “chip in” via my SQUARE account that would be fab. 20 percent of all proceeds are being donated to charities supporting those affected by COVID-19.

Otherwise, please feel free to access the employee toolkit here and spread the news.
There are six videos and job-aids to be downloaded or viewed as follows:

  • OMG! I’ve Never Done This Before
  • Setting Up Your Home Working Space
  • Getting Organized & Being Productive
  • How to Participate in Virtual Meetings
  • Using Technology Like a Champion
  • The Importance of Staying Connected

In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and take care of each other.
Cheers, Dan” danpontefract.com @dpontefract

Rebecca and I agree, stay safe, healthy & take care of each other. Wash your hands often and well too!