Jean Claude Monney, Digital Transformation Coach

What creative friends & colleagues we have! When I first met Jean Claude Monney he had an amazing knowledge management (KM) role with Microsoft and participated in KMWorld. He was a speaker for Internet Librarian & was the first to share that Skype could translate many languages so children (and others) could communicate with other children in other countries each using their own languages! Something I hope we will all use a lot more although there have been some changes with the platform. At any rate, here’s Jean Claude’s wonderful example of keeping in touch with friends and relatives!

“Over the past 15 years, my social and family life has been divided across two continents. Thanks to the use of video technology I am able to maintain a great relationship with my best friends and family. For example, in order to accommodate the time difference between the two continents, we do “Lunner”, i.e. Lunch/Dinner video meetings.

Here’s how it works:

We choose a day and time for our Lunner. For example: noon in Texas and 7 p.m. in Switzerland. We bring our laptops to the kitchen and connect to the video call. Then we start chatting while we cook and have the aperitif. When the food is ready, we place the laptop on one side of the table and my wife and I sit on the other side, while our friends do the same. We eat, chat, drink, laugh and have a good time. Very quickly, we forget the distance.

In these disturbing days of COVID-19, let’s reach out to those who are alone and make “Lunner” or video lunch or dinner, when the time zone allows.

To ensure the compatibility between different platforms, you can use Microsoft’s free Skype video conference system that works on Mac, PC, iPhone and Android phones. Get it here. Skype allows multiple sessions at once and with Microsoft privacy and security is built in.

Alternatively, those of you who have their friends and family on Apple platforms you can use FaceTime which works well too. As for Microsoft, Apple also is committed to protecting your privacy and security.

A little trick if you have to manage multiple time zones. I use “Date World Clock meeting  planner”  to orchestrate calls time between our 4 children. One of our daughters lives in California, the other in Texas and our two sons live in Switzerland.

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More than ever it’s time to care about each other and we have the technology to do it safely. [Rebecca & I heartily agree!]

Peace to all, Jean‑Claude Monney, Digital Transformation Coach.” His original post on LinkedIn.