Ross Smith, Microsoft & Pepper

I was very excited about the future after our morning Wed am keynotes here in DC at KMWorld .  Several weeks ago in Monterey, at the Internet Librarian conference, we had a look at Misty and Elsie, robots for use libraries and other places.  We talked about what AI might do and possible implications.  But here in DC we looked at what organizations ARE doing with AI.  Amazing.  Scott Parker from Sinequa talked about pure AI (pure fiction) and “pragmatic AI – a collection of AI technologies that are designed to deliver specific value. As the name suggests, pragmatic AI needs human help to learn and adapt itself to business challenges.” 

Examples, “AI cuts IT problems at Fannie Mae by a third; finds experts; assists with regulatory compliance.” Consider the machine learning speed at Twitter that another speaker shared – current quarter Twitter removes 50% of abusive tweets only 40+ % last quarter and 38% the quarter before.

Ido Namir, Deloitte quote

I got so excited I inserted my opinion into my MC duties at KMWorld (oops) but since Kim Glover quoted me in her talk about future KM, I guess that’s ok!  I said something like, ‘I’m so excited about the future of knowledge sharing.  I know the technologies are not perfect but at the rate they are improving and becoming extremely valuable in the back end activities of KM, we will definitely be dealing with higher level activities in the near future.

Ido Namir, global head of KM for Deloitte, said, “Auto tagging and auto classification are game changing capabilities in the KM domain.  The number one barrier for knowledge curation and sharing was removed.” Wow, I can’t wait for next year’s KMWorld back here at the JW Marriott in Washington DC, November 16-19 – mark your calendars, think about what knowledge you can share, answer our call for speakers in January

Thanks to all who were involved this year and make KMWorld 2019 such a success.