Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Next week at Internet Librarian 2019, Gary Price (Infodocket), Susan Schramm ( and Lilian Pintos (Web Services, Vancouver Public Library) look at privacy and libraries. In the same way that libraries became the “go to” for people to learn and use the web, privacy issues are an incredible opportunity for libraries to strut their expertise.

Libraries should be Privacy R US — educating and advising people in keeping their data safe. Most libraries, quite rightly, are positioning themselves as champions of digital literacy. Yet people can’t be digitally literate if they don’t have the tools and know-how to protect their privacy – if they choose to do. People need to make informed decisions. Isn’t that what libraries are all about?

Who knows online tools? Gary Price. Gary has been hammering the privacy tool drum for 10 years. I have to admit, I didn’t pay attention. Well, Mr. Price, you got my attention. You got my attention when you showed me – in a bar, of course – that you knew exactly the sites I was on and had been on that day. I haven’t been on a ‘free wifi’ site ever since. I’m not alone. Pew Research just released their study that few of us are really digitally savvy. Sigh….

Here’s Part 1 of a 3-part podcast series with Gary to talk about privacy, the roles libraries can easily fill within their campus or community, and the tools with which we should be equipping students, patrons and faculty to make informed choices. In this episode Gary explains the difference between privacy and security, and 3 tools you can use right away to offer drivers’ ed level Privacy Ed.