Dying flowers & dying enterprises?

All organizations, yes every single one including libraries has to change and embrace digital transformation.  Our society has – just look at Amazon, AirBnB, Uber and most of other successful businesses.  If we want people’s attention (and support) we have to easy-to-use applications that engage our audiences online.

Consider the Forbes article suggesting that Amazon take over for libraries in US (which of course is no longer online because of the big backlash).  If that tweaked someone’s thoughts about visiting a library, would they go to a bricks and mortar location near them?  NO!  They would go online first, and would they be impressed with what they see?  Would it draw them into your programs and services? Ask some non-customers in your area to test your site and see what they say.  I bet you will be surprised.

If bricks and mortar destinations are dying, how are we improving digital experiences?  Are we changing the way we finance our enterprises? And how are we enriching our staff’s knowledge and ability to support customer digital experiences?  Are we helping them learn and grow?  Be attentive to digital shifts in our fast evolving world?  Certainly not by supporting continuing/lifelong learning, staff training, etc.  That’s the first, and in my opinion, worst thing to go from a budget!  Are we partnering with digitally aware partners? I sure hope so! Would love to hear good examples of thoe who are!! We have some big challenges ahead, and I hope we survive!  Suggestions welcome!