Dr. Tony Bates, Research Associate with Contact North/Contact Nord has posted a 3-part series, “The Coming Crisis in Canadian Post-secondary Education“. This is must-reading for anyone in Canada’s libraries. Not just college, school or university libraries – LIBRARIES.

I know, I know, I’m always saying something is a “must read”, but put it in the context that I’m not a reader. I’m a scanner & listener. I read only a few items and I pass on even less. I’m passionately passing this on.

Part 1: External Developments

Part 2: The Canadian Context

Part 3: Strategies for Survival

This is a topic everyone in libraries should be monitoring and, most importantly, discerning and discussing. Why? What does it mean for public libraries if the post-secondary institutions are under threat? It means social, economic and education upheaval, winners, losers, and opportunities. As life-long learning institutions, all libraries need to be following this and engaging in this research, debate and strategies. Since most of the upheaval is coming from technologies and economic vulnerabilities, other education-related organizations will feel the ripples. Or the shakes and cracks.

I wish Dr. Bates went a bit deeper with his posts, but they are posts, not academic papers. They give us a taste – and we know need to book a reservation and eat some full course meals in these issues.

We’re in a profession of curiousity. We, whether we are in a post-secondary library or a public library, should be curious about these developments. And we should be readying for action.

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