Lauren Baker, Artist at HowTheLightsGetIn,
Hay on Wye May 2019

‘Tis the season for conferences and conference planning! I was thinking back to Lynda Braksiek’s fabulous talk at APQC’s KM event where she sang the opening to her talk, Broken Road, and then tied that to he journey in KM and related it to big ideas. Fabulous. She worked with coaches to produce such a wonderful polished presentation.

I learned many years ago from PR folks at the large Internet World events about some of the tricks of communicating with audiences. I know I’m not an expert & have lots to learn still! Here’s a recent blog post from the company that coached Lynda, and reminded me of some of things that I learned in the past about getting your ideas across, communicating & influencing. First — who is the audience? What do you want to accomplish?Here are some key tips: take control, use memory-driving words, don’t hedge with iffy words, prepare responses to tough questions. In other words, keep on point and get your message across in many different ways! And of course, personal stories resonate the best with most audiences!