UX expert Peter Morville introduced his new book at Internet Librarian during his morning keynote, Tomorrow’s Architects, described here by Don Hawkins.

Peter’s new book is called Planning for Everything: The Design of Paths & Goals which reveals four principles & six practices essential for shaping the future!  Read Don’s coverage of the talk and buy the book!

Amazon blurb says: We can’t predict the future, yet we do it all the time. We organize projects, events, days, weeks, and years. We plan to buy a home, build a career, travel, get married, raise children, teach a class, retire, or get in shape. Our ability to model the world as it is and might be is a gift, but mental time travel is also really hard. Fortunately, since planning is a skill, everyone from playful improviser to rigorous planner can greatly improve, if they are ready to learn:

  • The principles and practices of nonlinear planning.
  • How to grow and sustain hope with willpower and waypower.
  • When to pivot or persist with paths, goals, values, and metrics.
  • How myths, memories, fears, and feelings shift the future.
  • Why the plans of an octopus are the product of evolution.
  • Why artificial intelligence is poised to transform how to plan.
If you hate planning, you’re doing it wrong. The uncertainty of change makes us crave chaos or control, but it’s as dangerous to be rigid as it is to move fast and break things. To organize the future, we will find better habits and beliefs, because happiness is a prediction, and it’s also the freedom you’ll feel upon realizing there is no one right way to plan.